Hannah the Mountain Dog, A Snow Day for Hannah Children's Book

Kudos for Hannah...

"The stories and photos are just precious."

     - Doris Day, Actress & Canine Supporter

"Thanks for sending me copies of your adorable books, A Beach Day for Hannah and A Snow Day for Hannah, for my granddaughter, Charlotte. I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and good cheer at this happy time for my family..."

     - Hillary Clinton

"What a charming and touching way to highlight a unique and charming breed...Send all my best to Hannah, too!!!"

     - John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado

"One of our best-selling picture books for Colorado kids, "A Snow Day for Hannah" features sharp photography and catches the true spirit of our sunny, snowy season in the Rocky Mountains."

     - Nicole Magistro, The Bookworm of Edwards, Colorado

Thank you so much for the wonderful, snow-filled Hannah dog book! It's a total delight, and I'm especially thrilled at the poetry - will be sharing it with my groups and very soon with Annabelle and Brady!! - and "bravo" to Linda."

     - Barbara Rinella, Academic Entertainer Celebrating Literature & Learning

"This is a fabulous Colorado children's book. The beautiful snow pictures make me remember why I chose to live in Colorado."

Back from NYC where I did meet this wild girl, Sandy!! Thank goodness grandkids were safe, tho my heart goes out to all who are suffering...very scary Halloween! I added a few books to my Christmas list...thinking of Christmas gifts. The new Barefoot Contessa one, a great kid's Nutcracker book, and Snow Day for Hannah--that was one of our huge successes during the storm, as we were snuggled in my daughter's apartment and the kids had the book and each had a stuffed "Hannah."

Barbara Rinella

     - Ken Gordon, Former Colorado Senate Majority Leader, Parent & Grandfather

"'A Snow Day for Hannah' will delight all ages. The vocabulary is age appropriate for young readers but interesting enough for adults. Hannah's exciting adventures in the snow and the beautiful photography will capture everyone's attention. I loved it!"

     -Mikee Kapelke - Twice Teacher of the Year, Cherry Creek Schools, & Grandmother

"I have shown your fabulous book to seven of my nine grandchildren (ages 3 to 12) and three daughters (their moms). Everyone begged me to read it again and again. The three year old is absolutely enchanted with Hannah and now knows the story by heart - the rhyme scheme is simple and, most important, memorable, so that she is able to repeat the rhyming words the third or fourth time through. The photography is unbelievable and Hilary (age 3) giggles recklessly every time she sees the pictures with Hannah riding the sled or covered with snow - her two favorites. Unlike so many books today, the story line is warm and wonderful. You have created a masterpiece for which moms and grandmoms will be eternally grateful. Thanks so much."

"With a spirit so fierce,
And a heart so kind,
Both mischief and friendship
This dog will find!"

- Andrew Romanoff,
Former Speaker of the
Colorado House

      - Missy Crisp, Former Elementary Teacher & Grandmother

"The curious and bouncy Hannah is featured in a witty story set in rhyme with vibrant, captivating photographs. Both children and adults will love this delightful dog adventure. Skilled students can read the book themselves. The book is unique because of the brilliant photos and rhyme. And who wouldn't love a happy dog story? It's such an appealing book that it ought to be widely circulated."

      -Christine Terborgh, Teacher, Reading Specialist , Parent & Grandmother

"Linda Petrie Bunch's beautiful photography and engaging story line capture the brightness of a Colorado winter day, and the charm of a Bernese Mountain pup. But you don't have to have a Bernese dog in your family or live in the mountains to love this endearing book. It brings out the pup--or the child--in anyone, who once bounded through deep snow and would like to do it again."

      -Dyana Furmansky Author of 2010 Colorado Book of the Year "Rosalie Edge, Hawk of Mercy: The Activist Who Saved Nature From the Conservationists"

“What an adorable story. I can't wait to read it to my elementary class this winter.”

     -Marnie Bowen, Elementary School Teacher & Parent

"A Snow Day for Hannah is a delightful children's book, written and photographed by Linda Petrie Bunch. Hannah has a lovely day after a snowstorm, doing activities that we all wish we could do every snow day ~ things that should inspire our youngsters, instead of sitting inside and not being active. If Hannah the Mountain Dog can make a snowman and snow angels, take a hike and play in the snow, then we can, too! I can't wait to see what Hannah does next. She may be our kid's inspiration on how to have a good time and enjoy the out-of-doors!"

      -Julie Mordecai, Director at Partnership of Rural Colorado Boys & Girls Clubs, Former Elementary Teacher & Parent

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