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Week 5-6 - Puppy Parade (second walk)


Get her!!

This is serious business - yum!

Getting trampled to the feeding station

Wait for me!!

Walk ends upon puddle discovery

Week 5-6 - Exploring the Garage

Gotta paint brush?



There's a wire back here I must have!


I'm bigger than you are!


Batman tryouts

Box tastes good!

Hey, check it out - is that mom?

Look - she's famous!


Winning tug of war

Yippee! Toys & puppies galore

Ghost puppies - who is that in there?

I think I can!

Running for president

Awww, puppy love

Could I be cuter?

Got Toucan?


We really aren't this obedient!

What's this thing?

I'll get it!

There's two of them!

My goodness, it rolls!!!!

Hey look - I found this cool toy

Will sleep for food...

We're not up to anything!

I need more toys

Over here - everyone chew on this woman!

I'm king of the mountain

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