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Week 4-5 - the Individuals



Meyers, aka Pavoratti







Who is that? Dot again?

We're being tortured - let us out!!! Guard! Let us out!!!!!

Really - we are under seige, please....

Ahh - our first walk - follow the milk wagon!

Hey, this is really cool!

Let's make a run for it

OMG - what is a step?

Okay - 1,2,3 - got it!

puppies on parade...

Oops - gotta stop for all kinds of breaks.

Do puppies laugh?

I'd say yes!

We've almost made it around the circle. (Walk ends when they all dive into a Potentilla plant for food and shelter.)

Chow time on the flying saucer pan - yippee!

Out'ta this world!

Got Milk?

This little piggy soars across the flying saucer. Look at the size of those tummies!

Starting to wrestle more now. Who is boss?

Gotta get all of that gruel off!


Total snooze out.

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