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Days 17 - 28

We have new digs...

They're getting a little too big for me, but I like cleaning off the gruel!

I'm having a ball here!

Strutt'n my stuff

Hey, I've got something to tell you...

What is it?

I'm not telling - nenner nenner!

First feeding of the gruel

That looks good - what a relief!

Yum yum!

More, more!

Can't get enough!

A bowl of paste...

Slurp slurp!

Quick I might miss out

How am I going to get this off of me?

Next try - muffin tin

Might work...

Might not work...

Just as pastey!

I'm sticky. Mom!

Ah - we got it - much more civilized!

Got bail?

I can sleep anywhere!

Forever Dot - showing off her tummy tatoo

I'm pooped - really!

Hmm - they're getting pretty big for nursing!

Starting to learn to play together

Good at nose chew and gruel removal

And our lungs are working well, too, now!

Aww - a BIG puppy hug

Twice as big as the banana now!

Where's lunch?

Learning how to sit now.

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