Hannah the Mountain Dog, A Snow Day for Hannah Children's Book

Yip, Yip, Yippee! - The book is out!!!

A Snow Day For Hannah

My children’s book, “A Snow Day For Hannah,” has arrived and is ready for launch! (very exciting) Part of the proceeds of the book will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs.

What’s it about?
Hannah, the bouncy Bernese Mountain Dog, loves mountain climbing and snow. Hannah's frosty adventure is packed with fabulous Colorado mountain photographs of this cute little pup. Enjoy the rhymes as you watch her climb up! Hannah senses a storm brewing and high-tails it home. After the blizzard she bounds outside to play in fluffy fresh powder, building snowmen and angels, sledding and hiking – winter sports kids love. Children, ages 1-10, adore Hannah! (and parents do too!)

How can you help Hannah’s mom sell her books?

1. Buy a book for a kid, or a hospital, or a school!

2. Send a link to this page to a parent, grandparent, Bernese Mountain dog owner, dog lover, or Boys & Girls Club fan to check out the book. (& anyone else you can think of!!)

3. Help Hannah be more ‘popular’ (we know how important that is!): You can “Like” her website or her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter, or sign up for her funny Dog Blog. … and spread the word about how cute, cuddly and cool she is.

4. Tell a teacher, librarian or bookstore owner about the book. (They can get it through Baker & Taylor, too.)

5. Ask your local bookstore or library if they have the book or can look into ordering it so that they check on it.

6. Tell Hannah’s mom, Linda, about great independent bookstores, unique children’s stores, boutique pet stores, and great gift shops that might sell the book in your neighborhood.

7. Having a silent auction? Hannah will send you a book for it!

8. We’re also peddling a very cute 4 card set of 12 note cards (for you older kids who don’t want books) and a Bernese Mountain Dog Stuffed Animal with Hannah’s special heart collar.

9. Tell every book publisher you know…

10. Thanks for thinking of us this holiday when you’re deciding who has been naughty and nice!

Hannah loves, Loves, LOVES to hear from kids.
They can write to her at Hannah@mountaindogbooks.com.
Send us your dog stories, dog youtube videos and pictures for Hannah’s Dog Blog.

More information:
Come visit Hannah’s website at http://www.mountaindogbooks.com
Buy a book
: http://www.mountaindogbooks.com/store.html
Sign up for Hannah’s Dog Blog: http://mountaindogbooks.blogspot.com/
: http://www.facebook.com/HannahTheMountainDog
: http://twitter.com/#!/HannahMtnDog
ISBN: 978-0-9777781-1-9

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